UDUS SU President is making fake “Aluta” promises and it’s affecting students

I can still remember vividly. We were sitting in that tattered conference room inside SU secretariat. Apart from the people (students leaders) that were jam-packed in dozens, some standing by the doorway because there were no enough chairs, other things noticeable include: a faded painting showing deadly by the wall, a century or look alike air-conditioning system hanging on the air, and some scattered refuse that fill the back of the room. The students leaders have been called to discuss the most pressing issue affecting their people (deadline on the registration fees), but these kind of place is even discouraging. But for today, we skipped that for other day.

If I will be direct, I will say: “Barade, where is our Aluta? Aluta Last born, where is our Aluta?” Even if the former will forget what he promised, the latter should not tell us he forgot the name he bears. I was there that time when Barade was burrowing his eyebrows, talking in no other term than “alutarism”. He spoke and spoke. He said if the school management did not hear their request to extend the registration as they (students Union) proposed — extension till exam time — then Aluta will work in full force. Unfortunately, not only that the school management rejected the proposal, they brought their (management) own which Barade dares not comply with. It’s not bad, but where is the Aluta you promised.

I knew of the politics, and politicians everywhere. They are insincere. They say what they don’t mean and mean what they don’t say. Any concoction prepared for a politician’s voodoo, I don’t know, but ‘lying’ is always a compulsory condiments. Because I have known this I was not surprised rather disappointed.

I was there, and I also made my point known. I rang to their ears and the ears of the able leaders present. I told them there is nothing like Aluta in our school, we should not be saying things that do not exist. When I said this, I got affirmative reactions, but a gentleman sitting close to Barade tends to disagree “it’s because you don’t know how Aluta works,” he argued. I laughed feverishly with the other side of my mouth. “What’s this one saying again,” I thought.

I could not give it so much unnecessary thought, because I know he is one of those in power. They use anything to defend themselves. And I’m used to hearing their words: “If you are not in the system, you won’t know how the system works.” Lie of the century. Irresponsibility is nothing but irresponsibility, this simple thing, they refuse to agree.

To paraphrase “Ayn Rand,” in her words, it is easy to ignore reality as it is, but nobody dares not ignore the consequence of ignoring reality. The reality is that we have irresponsible leaders, this is what we ignored. But the consequence is having a leader that listens to voices other than the students. Or can someone tell me, have we not witnessed difficult times in our school? This time has been made uneasy because some unresponsive leaders who serve other interest than those who elected them.

It is better everyone knows this, where else do they increase school fees without consultation with the students leaders. This is enough for Aluta to work, but it didn’t. Students witnessed payment of “T-ship” — compulsory health insurance — even if it is good, is there any vocal agreement with the students union to adopt same? I doubt. Yet, Aluta refused to wake up from slumber. And with this “T-ship and registration fee increment, students were to pay 15% more than the former fee, and the deadline was set as a dead end. This is a school where someone is saying we have Aluta, but we don’t know how it works.

Band his Aluta Last Born were forced to admit the bitter truth and inadvertently say what they know they can’t do. “What will happen when the management reject our proposal?” A fairly yellowish man with beard sitting beside me asked. “If they do that, then Aluta will work in full force,” Barade replied. Everybody in the room were calmed, and I could read the expression from their face: “change is coming.” I was also calmed, not because I thought change is coming, but I thought the time has finally come when the wind will blow and expose the chicken’s rump. “Winter is coming,” I said to myself.

It’s not too late for Barade to make Aluta works, because the “North do not forget”.

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