Covid-19: US records 100,000 confirmed cases, over 2000 death

Barely 48 hours since the U.S. reached 100,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus, the nation’s death rate has doubled to over 2,000.

Between the first announcement of a coronavirus death on February 29 to the amount on Thursday hitting 1,000 it took almost a month.

The number of confirmed deaths reached 2,200 by Sunday evening, according to worldometer data compiled.

In the US, the cumulative number of confirmed cases currently stands at over 130,000. More than four thousand people are recovered.

New York, a city of over 18 million, currently has over 60,000 sick residents, almost half of the more than 130,000 reported total cases in the US.

In New York, more than 500 deaths were reported in less than 48 hours, taking the count to 965.

President Donald Trump said he considers quarantining the state because the number of New York cases threatens to overload local hospital facilities with a small supply of beds, personnel, and equipment, particularly ventilators, a potentially life-saving technology.

But New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said the proposal was “preposterous,” “anti-American” and a “declaration of war.” Mr Cuomo said the state had already introduced “quarantine” initiatives, such as prohibiting big meetings and requiring residents to stay at home, but that he would resist further “lockdown” efforts.

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